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7/24 Effectively Mascara
-59 %
Intensely black, volumizing mascara with an special shaped brush that separates, coats, and curls each lash to voluptuous perfection.How to use: Place the wand at the base of your upper lashes, and pull the wand upward towards the tip of your eyelashes, making sure you're coating every part of your ..
36.90TL 90.00TL
Camouflage Effect Mascara
-60 %
With Camouflage Effect Mascara, you will have curly lashes and deep looks. You can opt for a more effective eye makeup.Get a deeper and more dynamic look thanks to this brush developed by Isabelle Dupont. Gives extra volume to your lashes. It offers a healthy and lively appearance. It nourishes your..
35.90TL 89.90TL
Doll Lashes All In One Mascara
-60 %
A multi-action, all-in-one formula for maximum volume, length and definition. Place the wand at the base of your upper lashes, and pull the wand upward towards the tip of your eyelashes, making sure you're coating every part of your lashes as you pull through and moving slowly to avoid clumping..
40.90TL 102.00TL
Elixir Effect Mascara
-13 %
Discover Elixir Effect Mascara, if you want more curl on your lashes. Uncover your eyes with your healthy looks.It is easy to apply thanks to its specially developed formula. Durable all day long. Makes your lashes dense with color. Contagion does not give a feeling of greasyness. Thanks to the brus..
34.90TL 39.90TL
Huge Lashes Volume & Extension Mascara
-60 %
With Huge Lashes Volume and Extension Mascara, you get great eyelashes and impressive looks on one coat. When you examine the details, you will love this product more.Imagine a mascara that lets you do everything. It grasps your eyelashes one-by-one with a special brush and closes them from bottom t..
39.90TL 99.00TL
Hypnotic Long Lash Mascara
-21 %
Explore the Hypnotic Long Lash Mascara. It was developed by Isabelle Dupont for the dense black colored lashes. Create an ultra long eyelash appearance with the help of a silicone brush.This mascara gives a special formula that plumps your lashes without letting it clump. Create impressive looks wit..
54.90TL 69.90TL
Hypnotic Volume Mascara
-21 %
Hypnotic Volume Mascara is designed for those who want a captivating volume of eyelashes. Discover the special formula that doesn't clump or contaminate. It adds depth to your eyes with its special silicone brush that grabs all lashes.You will feel ready for the day with your deep gaze gained by thi..
54.90TL 69.90TL
Perfect Lashes- R- Long Mascara
-11 %
Add maximum volume and length to your lashes. How about meeting the Perfect Lashes-R-Long Mascara for more evident lashes and intense color?Embrace innovations for a perfect makeup experience. This mascara contains special formulas and intense color pigments that make your eyelashes look pretty long..
39.90TL 44.90TL
Perfect Waterproof Mascara
-16 %
Gives volume to your eyelashes throughout the day. Perfect Waterproof Mascara gives you a great makeup experience without contamination and clumping.Glamorize your eyes with soft, natural looking and voluminous eyelashes. The waterproof formula has been specially developed. Provides extra durability..
41.90TL 49.90TL
Perfect XXL Volume Mascara
-33 %
With the Perfect XXL Volume Mascara, four times intense volume and deep looks in your eyes. Developed for easy application and silky finish with the help of special brush.Discover this mascara for high coverage with its silky appearance and four times intense volume that gives you the ability to bru..
39.90TL 59.90TL
Reformist Mascara 1 Direct +5 Perfect
-41 %
We tell you explore five effects in one product, what do you think? Make your dream eyes with Reformist Mascara 1 Direct +5 Perfect.Create wonderful eyes with one application. You will love the unique mascara of Isabelle Dupont. Experience five effects in one application. Voluminous, curved, long an..
55.90TL 94.99TL
Rythm Volume Mascara
-30 %
Impress your deep black lashes with Rythm Volume Mascara. The special brush lets you access your entire lash. For intense pigments and extra volume, we recommend using this mascara. Effective all day long and is perfect for a unique eye makeup.Thanks to the formula developed in our laboratories in F..
34.90TL 49.90TL
Smart- Lash Volume Upgrader Waterproof Mascara
-60 %
Discover the new mascara of Isabelle Dupont brand for a professional makeup. Thanks to the Smart-Lash Volume Upgrader Waterproof Mascara, you get full lashes. The details will be worth a look.With its brush developed using thin and frequent hairs, it closes your lashes completely. This mascara impre..
53.90TL 134.00TL
Super- Curl Voluminous Waterproof Mascara
-60 %
You will have the most beautiful eyes. Choose Super-Curl Voluminous Waterproof Mascara for voluminous and curved eyelashes. Are you ready to review the details?Reflect yourself with your makeup. This mascara will be indispensable with its special asymmetric brush. Create long, shiny, voluminous and ..
54.90TL 137.00TL
Suppra Volume Mascara
-60 %
How about meeting a versatile mascara that gives volume, length and depth to lashes? It does not clump thanks to its innovative formula. With the Supra Volum Mascara, create black eyed black eyelashes.It gives extra volume to lashes and makes them look perfect in every way. With its powerful black c..
41.90TL 105.00TL
Wild Lashes Intense Color Mascara
-60 %
Experience ultimate volume and the look of thick, false lashes. A spectacular formula for extreme black color of lashes and volume.How to use: Begin at the base of your lashes and sweep the wand outward and upward from root to tip until your desired intensity is achieved. Repeat with ..
48.90TL 121.90TL
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