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Perfect Eyeliner Pen
-37 %
Complete your eye makeup using Perfect Eye Pencil. Be ready to be enchanted with your colorful and lively eyes.Add a new interpretation to your eye makeup with shades of green, blue, black and brown. It is easy to apply and does not contaminate. It does not create oil sensation in the eyelids. Silky..
18.90TL 29.90TL
Petales Eye Pencil
-22 %
With Petales Eye Pencil, you will experience the colorful and wonderful eye makeup. You can create perfect lines with intense color pigments.Discover an innovative approach to eye pencil. It is easy to apply and contains intense color pigments. Create perfect lines with matte finish with nine differ..
20.90TL 26.90TL
Ultra Black Eyeliner
-34 %
Meet Ultra Black Eye Pencil. Provides distinctive appearance with its formula, which contains intense black color pigments. It is easy to apply thanks to its extremely soft and creamy structure.  Discover the ease of application thanks to its soft and creamy structure. Make your eyes clear..
22.90TL 34.50TL
Wise Metals Metallic Eyeliner
-45 %
With the Wise Metals Metallic Eyeliner, you will have a fun and energetic eye makeup. Compatible with any kind of makeup with different color options. How about examining the details?Beautify your eyes with sparkling lines and intense colors. Developed by Isabelle Dupont, this eyeliner offers a meta..
21.90TL 39.90TL
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