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Illuminating Powder
-9 %
Contains dual-faceted gold pigments to produce a shimmering effect. Boosts light and illuminates dark areas, minimizing the tired look skin, reviving enhancing a radiant compexion. The lightweight texture provides a velvety and uniform effect. Perfect tfor defining the face...
89.90TL 98.90TL
Mineral Blusher Terracotta
-15 %
Discover the natural viability of your cheeks. Terracotta Blusher, where silky softness meets with different color options that is friendly to your skin.Crown your makeup with a natural touch. This blusher is presented to your liking with different color options. It protects and moisturizes your ski..
89.90TL 105.90TL
Mineral Bronzer (Terra)
-8 %
Meet Bronzer for all face applications. The perfect look, the luminous glitter and velvety softness with you. Bronze and every moment is for a stunning makeup.Get an extra lasting flawless look. This bronzing powder will meet your expectations. Feel comfortable throughout the day with a special form..
89.90TL 97.90TL
Mineral Powder (Terra)
-13 %
With Terracotta Mineral Powder, your skin will breathe. This powder never clogs your pores. The mineral containing formula supports healthy skin. Easy to apply, soft structure. Be ready to explore for a matte look and a permanent makeover.Forget all the powders that you know and make a fresh start w..
86.90TL 99.90TL
Perfect Face Powder
-44 %
With its light structure and silky texture, Perfect Face Pressed Powder is here. Helps maintain color tone on your skin. Lightens your skin without feeling tired. Suitable for all skin types.With its ultra thin structure, it perfects your makeup without giving a feeling of weight to the skin. It mai..
44.90TL 79.90TL
-7 %
Feel happy with the Soft Touch Compact Powder, you can easily apply with its silky structure and soft texture. Choose for natural, flawless and breathable skin.Discover this powder for natural and smooth skin. Helps your skin breathe throughout the day. Removes stains on skin and color inequalities...
64.90TL 69.90TL
Vamp Mattifying Powder
-25 %
Its soft and comfortable texture visibly smoothens the complexion by remaining perfectly invisible with its unique blend of pigments. Mattifies the skin and transforms the reflexion of the light to create natural brightness.How to use: Apply to the entire face or special area. Start from the mi..
48.90TL 64.90TL
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