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Choose Master Match Camouflage Semi Matte Foundation Tube for vivid and flawless skin. It has a semi matte appearance and its packaging is tubular. In this way, it is easy to apply and comfortably carried in your bag. It has excellent coverage. It contains vitamin E and does not create a greasy feel..
64.90TL 92.90TL
Masterstick Blend Fine & Contour Creamy Balm
-46 %
Get a great makeup thanks to Masterstick Blend Fine and Contour Creamy Balm. It is suitable for multiple use with 6 different color options. The creamy structure strengthens easy application. Discover a velvety and matt touch.For a velvety, matte looking makeup with perfect contours. Thanks to its s..
45.90TL 84.90TL
Mousse Foundation
-10 %
Get a silky skin with the Mousse Foundation, which offers a new touch to your soft formula foam foundation. It does not dry the skin and allows it to breathe. Provides extra lasting and matte appearance.With ten different color options, you will have a moist skin that can breathe throughout the day...
89.90TL 99.90TL
Pate- A- Creme
-14 %
Get ready for the day with a velvety soft Isabelle Dupont Pate A Creme foundation. Thanks to its special formula, it provides high foaming. For a lasting and flawless makeup during the day.Meet a new dimension in makeup applications. Due to its very soft structure, this foundation melts in contact w..
68.90TL 79.90TL
Sublumiere Flawless Fusion Foundation
-9 %
With the Sublumiere Flawless Fusion Foundation, you have the perfect skin to breathe throughout the day. Thanks to its excellent coverage feature, it equalizes skin tone and it helps to nourish your skin with the vitamin that found in its formula. Always look vigorous with a matte finish.It is now p..
117.90TL 129.90TL
Sublumiere Stick-On Foundation
-19 %
Illuminate, neutralize or do contour application. Complete your makeup as you wish. With the Stick-On Foundation, you can get an easy to use matte finish. A lot more than a foundation, let's look at the details.Get a smooth makeup experience with this foundation suitable for all skins, from dry to o..
56.90TL 69.90TL
Sublumiere Total Control Skin Tint Foundation
-43 %
A natural looking and an extra lasting foundation that caters to all skins with six shades of color is just for you. With the Sublumiere Total Control Skin Tint Foundation, you get a soft and superior coverage feel.How about having more than a foundation? 6 different color options, superior coverage..
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