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Mineral Powder (Terra)
-13 %
With Terracotta Mineral Powder, your skin will breathe. This powder never clogs your pores. The mineral containing formula supports healthy skin. Easy..
86.90TL 99.90TL
Ochra Blue Hair Wax
New -26 %
Wax makes it easy to give the desired shape and style to your hair. Despite the strong fixation, the hair is not heavy and has a natural matte look. A..
47.90TL 64.90TL
Suppra Volume Mascara
-60 %
How about meeting a versatile mascara that gives volume, length and depth to lashes? It does not clump thanks to its innovative formula. With the Supr..
41.90TL 105.00TL
Matte Lipstick
-30 %
A matte lipstick that features a long-lasting, buildable, and hydrating formula. Combines unrivalled pigmentation with superior comfort, and is crafte..
48.90TL 69.90TL
Hypnotic Long Lash Mascara
-21 %
Explore the Hypnotic Long Lash Mascara. It was developed by Isabelle Dupont for the dense black colored lashes. Create an ultra long eyelash appearanc..
54.90TL 69.90TL
Sublumiere Photo Edition Color Corrector
-20 %
Experience the perfect makeup tips with Sublumiere Photo Edition Color Corrector, offering different solutions to different skin problems. There will ..
59.90TL 74.90TL
Our sales are only in Turkey.
Our sales are only in Turkey.
100% Authentic Products
We sell 100% Authentic Products
Our sales are only in Turkey.